Banks: Banks are open from 8.30 to 14.00 from Monday to Friday.

Climate: Barcelona enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild, sunny winters, warm summers and relatively low rainfall. Temperatures during the months of May and June can be quite hot during the day, with temperatures of 22 to 26 degrees Celsius, but are very pleasant in the evening ( around 14-18 degrees Celsius ).

Credit cards, currency and exchange: All major international credit cards are accepted. Foreign currency and traveler's checks can be exchanged at banks and foreign exchange offices. Cash-point machines ( ATM ) accepting major international credit cards are available 24 hours. The Spanish currency is the Euro (€). 

Duty Free: There are no restrictions on visitors entering Spain with goods bought in another European Union member country, as long as they are for their own use and not to sell.

Electricity: 220 volts and 50 Hz. European system of round pins with two holes.

Emergency tel. number : 112

Entering Spain: Visitors from other European Union member countries may enter Spain using either a passport or their national identity document. Visitors from other countries must have a valid passport and a visa if required. Inquiries regarding visas can be directed to Spanish diplomatic representatives abroad. 

Health Regulation: No international immunization is needed when entering Spain. However, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of all countries through which you may have to pass on your way to Spain. 

Language: Spanish and Catalan are the two main languages spoken in Barcelona. English, and to a lesser extent French, are also fairly widely spoken. Tourist information, menus, etc. are nearly always available in English, French and German.

Public transport : Multiple public transportation passes can be bought in all metro stations. Passes can be used for both the metro and bus network. The most popular pass is the ten-ride card, called T-10. With a T-10 card you may use several subway lines or buses if less than 1h15m have passed since you went through the turnstile. The current price for a single ride ticket is 2,20 € and 10,20 € for a T-10 card. 

Barcelona travel cards ( Hola BCN! ) : These cards allow unlimited journeys on Barcelona public transport over 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive days on a single ticket. They also include
subway journeys between the airport and the city centre. More info

Metro network opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 05.00-24.00
Friday 05.00-02.00
Saturday 24 hours
Sunday 05.00-23.00

Safety: Barcelona is a safe city, however pickpockets may be around the airport, train and underground stations, touristic areas. Do not leave your valuables unattended.

Shopping: Normal trading hours are Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00.

Taxis: Taxis in Barcelona are black and yellow may be ordered by phone, picked up at authorized taxi stands or flagged down in the street when showing a green light. Always check that the meter is running. Taxis must usually be paid in cash though all of them accept credit cards. 

Tipping: In restaurants, hotels, taxis, hairdressers and so on, a gratuity is not included in the price. Although optional, tips are readily accepted and a general guideline is between 5% and 10% of the bill, depending on the quality of the service. Hotel and airport porters will take, depending on the luggage you have, 1 to 3 Euros.

VAT: There is a variable value added tax (VAT) of 10% to 21% applied to most items and services, but most prices you see will include it. When it is not included, this should be clearly indicated. 

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